“My Class”  is the ultimate tool for class and student blogs.

Using “My Class” you can:

  • Change student email addresses.
  • Allow students to publish their own posts on their student blogs (and the class blog) OR configure it so all student posts must be reviewed by a teacher.
  • Control comment moderation settings on student blogs.
  • Control the privacy settings on all student blogs with just one click!
  • Quickly enable extra features on student blogs to increase their storage space, enable mobile blogging, allow them to embed any code, access Premium themes and so much more.
  • Quickly preview all moderated posts and comments in one location.

My Class can be used to:

  • Manage all your student blogs
  • Manage student post on your class blog

You don’t need to have student blogs to use My Class!

Refer to the following information to set up and use My Class:

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