All users you want to have access to and be able to manage all student blogs need to be assigned the role teacher — you select these users when setting up My Class.

You can easily add a new teacher or add multiple teachers to all student blogs attached to My Class, at any time, as follows:

1.  Go to Users > Add New in the class blog dashboard.

Add New

2.  Add the teacher as either a new user or an existing user and assign them the role of administrator.

Add new user

3.  Go to My Class > Settings.


4.  Select the box next to the users you want to assign the role of teacher.

Select the teachers

5.  Click Save.

6.  Leave web browser open until all student blogs are updated.  This can take time depending on the number of student blogs attached to My Class.

7.  Once all blogs have been updated these users will have been added as a teacher user to all student blogs and the class blog.  They will be able to access all student blogs using My Class > Student Blogs.