By upgrading your site to Edublogs Pro, you get access to more themes and plugins, increased storage space, student management tools, plugins and more!

About Edublogs Pro

An Edublogs Pro site allows you to:

  • Change privacy to allow search engines.
  • Add embed code.
  • Enable student moderation.
  • Access more themes and plugins.
  • Increase your storage space.
  • View your visitors statistics
  • Set up email subscription.
  • Use your own custom domain.

For more information, check out the product comparison here.

Edublogs Pro is per site. An Edublogs Pro subscription upgrades your site to Edublogs Pro and enables extra features on all student blogs attached to your site via My Class – transforming them into upgraded student blogs. An upgraded student blog is able to add embed code, access more themes and plugins, has increased storage space. It automatically removes any post restrictions from your Pro site and your upgraded student blogs.

How To Upgrade

Click on the + Upgrade Blog link in the admin bar of the site you want to upgrade.

Upgrade link

Scroll down the page and click on the Edublogs Pro plan you want to subscribe to.

Choose from monthly, every three months or yearly.

Click on the plan

Add your credit card details and click Subscribe.

Add credit card info

Or click on PayPal Check Out to pay using PayPal.

Click on PayPal Check out

This takes you to our secure PayPal check out payment site where you need to sign into your PayPal Account or create a new PayPal Account.

‘Review Your Information‘ and click Agree and Continue to complete your Pro upgrade.

Click on Agree and continue

You will be redirected back to the Pro upgrade page once the payment has been processed. Click on Visit your newly upgraded site to access your dashboard.

Click on visit your newly upgraded site

Payments automatically renewed unless you cancel prior to the renewal date.

Bulk Upgrades

Bulk upgrades are cost effective option when you want to upgrade more than one site to Edublogs Pro.

Bulk upgrade options are:

  • $99.95 (USD) per year for 5 bulk upgrade credits.
  • $149.95 (USD) per year for 10 bulk upgrade credits.
  • $189.95 (USD) per year for 15 bulk upgrade credits.
  • $239.95 (USD) per year for 30 bulk upgrade credits.

A single subscription of Edublogs Pro is $39.95 (USD) per year.

Click on the “Purchase credits to upgrade multiple blogs for one discounted price” button on the pro upgrade page if you want to purchase bulk upgrades.

For more information refer to Purchase Bulk Upgrade subscriptions.