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Featured images are designed to enhance the appeal of your blog’s homepage, individual posts or individual pages.

Featured images are theme dependent.

How featured images are used

Not all themes support featured images and how the image is displayed on themes that support featured image varies.

Here’s some of the different ways feature images are used on themes:

Blog post homepage

Featured images can be used on a range of different ways on the blog post homepage.

Featured images can appear as thumbnail image that accompany a blog post title on a blog’s homepage.  A post excerpt might be displayed with the image.

Themes like Broadwalk, Cubic, Fifteen, Fontfolio, Gridster-Lite, Hatch, Hitchcock, Intro, Klean, Magazino, Market, Oria, Pictorio, PR News, Rowling, Snaps, Snapshot, Spun display images only on the blog post homepage.

Magazino Theme
Blog post homepage on the theme Magazino

While themes like Briks, Celebrate, Coller, Dellow, Freak, Griffin, iTek, Oblique, Rectangulum, Surfarama displays thumbnail image with the post excerpt on the blog post homepage.

Oblique Theme
Blog post homepage on the theme Oblique

Grid based themes designed to display large images on their blog post homepage are popular for photoblogging.  Some of these themes will pull the first image in the post onto the blog post homepage if a featured image isn’t set while other themes may need the featured image to be set to display an image.

Featured images may appear as a background behind the post title on the blog post homepage.  A post excerpt might be displayed with the image. Themes that do this include Intergalactic, Pique and Radcliffe.

Blog post homepage on the theme Intergalatic


Post page

Featured image can appear above or below the post title on an individual post or an individual page.  Occasionally you may have situations where you want images displayed above a post title and this is when you might use this type of theme.

Some themes that display the image thumbnail on the blog post homepage display the featured image above or below the post on the individual post page.  For example, the theme Boardwalk displays featured images only on the blog post homepage and the featured image above the post title on the post page.


Featured image can appear in the header on an individual post or an individual page. Themes that do this include Adler, Canard, Clearly, Coherent, Cubic, Ecto, Fortunato, Gazette, Harmonic, Landscape, Lovecraft, Lyretail, Pictorico, Radcliffe, Rectangulum and Resonar.

This is handy if you want to control which image appears in the header on different pages on your blog.


Featured image can appear in the sidebar on an individual post or individual page.  Themes that do this include Bushwick, Cruzy, Dyad and Eryn.

Featured image in sidebar of the theme Eryn

Set Featured Image

Themes that support featured images have a Featured image module underneath the Publish module in the post editor and page editor.

You set a featured image on a post or page as follows:

1.  Scroll down to Featured image module.

Featured image module

2.  Click on Set Featured Image.

Featured image

3.  This launches the Featured Image window where you can upload an image or select an image from your media library.

4.  Once the image has uploaded, or you’ve selected the image you want to use, click on Set Featured Image.

Set Featured image

You should see the image displayed in the featured image module.

Featured image

5.  Click Update or Publish to save your changes.

Remove Featured Image

To remove or change a featured image, simply re-open the post or page editor and click on Remove featured image.

Featured image

Once the featured image has been removed you’ll see the option to Set featured image.