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Google offers a range of free, web-based tools within its Google Drive service. One of these is Google Slides.

For teachers and students, Google Slides is one of the most exciting and versatile tools on offer. Read our extensive guide to Google Slides to find out more.

You can easily embed Google Slides into posts and pages using an embed code.

How To Embed Google Slides

You’ll find the written instructions below and then a video and PDF version.

This is a two-step process. First, you need to get the embed code from your Slides presentation then add it to your blog.

Step One: Get the embed code for your Slides presentation

1) Open your Slides presentation

You can go to your Drive or directly to your Slides collection to find your presentation. Double click on the presentation to open it.

2) Publish to the web

Go to File > Publish to the web

You’ll find File in the top left-hand corner of your page.

Screenshot -- Go to File Publish to the web

Click on Embed. There are a few options to control the size and speed of the slides. Changing these options isn’t essential (medium is usually a good size).

Click on Publish.

Click on embed and then publish (screenshot)

You’ll receive a warning that you’re about to publish to the web. Press OK.

Warning publish to the web (screenshot)

3) Copy the embed code

After you press OK, your HTML embed code will appear in a box. You need to copy this code to add to your blog post or page.

How to copy:

  • Click on the text to highlight it if it’s not already highlighted
  • Press Control C (Windows) or Command C (Mac)
  • Alternatively, right-click and press Copy

Note: If you ever want to unpublish your Slides presentation so it’s not available on the web, repeat these steps and click on the small arrow at the bottom of the box that says Published content and settings. Select Stop publishing.

Publish to the web embed code (screenshot)

Step Two: Add the embed code to your blog post or page

These instructions show how to add your Slides presentation to a blog post. The same process applies to pages.

1) Open your post

Go to your blog dashboard and open the post you’re working on. Or, go to Posts > Add New.

Add New Post

2) Add Media

Place your cursor where you want the Slides presentation to appear and then click on the Add Media button.

Click on Add Media

3) Insert Embed Code

In the Add Media window, click on the Insert Embed Code tab on the left.

Click on Insert Embed code

4) Paste Embed Code

Paste the embed code into the Insert Embed code box.

How to paste:

  • Press Control V (Windows) or Command V (Mac)
  • Alternatively, right-click and select Paste

Screenshot -- insert embed codeClick Insert Into Post.

5) Publish

When you’ve finished writing your post, click Publish.


You should now see your embedded Slides presentation when you view the published post. You can also preview your post to see what it looks like before publishing.

Here’s an example of an embedded Google Slides presentation.

Video: How To Embed A Google Slides Presentation

This 3 minute video takes you through the process described above.

PDF: How To Embed A Google Slides Presentation

You’re welcome to print this 2 page PDF to show your students or colleagues how to embed their Google Slides presentation into a blog post or page.

>>Click here to download a copy of the PDF

2 page PDF showing how to embed a Google Slides presentation into a blog post or page