When you set up a site you have the ability to add and remove users.

Remove User

Remove user is used when you want to remove a person as a user from your site.

Removing a user doesn’t delete their username. It is better to change the display name if your reasons for removing a username is to change the name displayed on posts or comment.

The alternative option is to change their role to subscriber — subscribers can only edit their profile.

Go to Users > All Users 

all Users

Hover your mouse over their username and click Remove.

Click on remove

To remove multiple users, select each username you’d like to remove using the check boxes, select Remove from the Bulk Actions drop down and click Apply.

Bulk Remove users

Restore Removed User

If you’ve removed a user and want to reuse the username or email address you need to add the user back as an existing user.

Go to Users > Add New

Add New

Add the email address attached to their existing username, select their user role and click Add Existing User.

Your new user is automatically added to Users > All Users and the person logs into your site using their existing username/password. They need to use the lost password link if they can’t remember their password.

Contact Edublogs Support if you need assistance.