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When you set up a site you have the ability to add and remove users.

Remove User

Remove user is used when you want to remove a person as a user from your site.

Removing a user doesn’t delete their username.
If your reasons for removing a username is because you want to change the name displayed on posts or comment then your better option is to just change the display name.

The alternative option is to change their role to subscriber — as a subscriber they can only edit their profile.

You remove a user as follows:

1.  Go to Users > All Users 

all Users

2.  Hover your mouse over their username and click Remove


If you want to remove multiple users from your blog then you select each username you’d like to remove using the check boxes, select Remove from the Bulk Actions drop down and click Apply.

Remove user

Restoring a Removed User

If you’ve removed a user and want to reuse the username or email address you need to add the user back as an existing user as follows:

1.  Go to Users > Add New

Add New

2.  Add the email address attached to their username

Add email address

3.  Select their role (learn more about user role’s here).

Select Role

4.  Click Add Existing User.

5.  The user is automatically added to Users > All Users and logs into the blog using their existing username and password.

The user won’t receive an email with their username and password. Refer to the retrieve lost password if they have forgotten their username and password.

Please contact Edublogs Support if you need assistance.