You never know how someone might find your blog – google search, twitter, facebook, or a link from somewhere else.

One of the first things a new visitor looks for is your ‘About’ page.

What’s included on an About Page varies depending on the type of blog and its intended audience.

About page on Class blogs

An About page on a Class blog is used to:

  1. To provide information for your students,  parents and families about the purpose of your class blog and how to use it.
  2. To help your class connect with other classes in other locations and countries.

Below is the type of information you might include on a Class blog ‘About’ page:

For students and parents To connect with other classes
  • What is a blog
  • Reasons why you use a class blog
  • About the teacher(s)
  • How to connect with the blog such as subscribe to blog, comment on posts, guidelines for writing appropriate comments
  • Teacher(s) contact details
  • Country, state and town your class is located
  • Grade level, subject and age of students
  • The types of connections your class is interested in such as becoming blogging buddies, engaging in global projects
  • Type and size of school
  • Class or teacher contact details

Check out the About pages on the following class blogs for ideas:

  1. Mr Baldock’s Class (Grade 3)
  2. Huzzah ( Grade 6/7)
  3. Tipperary Station School Blog

About page on Personal blog

The About page on a educator’s personal blog is all about letting people know who are you, what’s your interests and what you write about.

Check out the About pages on the following blogs for ideas:

  1. Tracy Watanabe’s About page
  2. George Couros’s About page

Creating your About page

All newly created blogs come with a ‘Sample page‘ created.  All you need to do is edit the ‘Sample page’ to change it into your About page

Here’s how you create your About page:

1.  Go to Pages > All Pages.

All Pages

2.  Hover your mouse over the Sample Page title to bring up the action menus.

3.  Now click on Edit.

Click on Edit

4.  Change the title of your page from Sample Page to About page.

5.  Edit the permalink to change it to about.

It should now look like this!


6.  Now just add your about information.

About page

7.  When finished click Update.

Refer to editing pages support page for more details.