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Audio from audio hosting websites such as Audio Boo and SoundCloud can be embedded into posts or pages using their embed code.  This is handy when you have large audio files you want to add to your blog posts or you want to play your audio within an embedded player.

Using Embed Code

Here’s how to embed audio using embed code:

1.  Go to Posts > Add New.

Add New Post

2.  Give your post a title, add your content, tags and categories.

Add title and content

3.  Click on Save Draft and then Preview to preview your post.

Preview post

4.  Check your post and make all necessary edits.

5.  Locate audio you want to embed from the audio hosting website.

6.  Copy the embed code for the audio.

  • Websites use a range of different icons to represent Embed code.
  • Look for icons like </>, the word Embed or hover your mouse over icons until you see the word Embed.

Audio Boo Embed Code

Click on Embed.

Click on Embed

Copy the embed code.

Copy Embed code

SoundCloud Embed Code

Click on Share.

Click on Share

Click on Embed tab and copy the Embed Code.

Copy embed code

5.  Place your cursor in the post where you want you it to be embedded and click on Add Media button.

Click on Add Media

6.  Click on Insert Embed Code.

Click on Embed code

7.  Paste the embed code into the Insert Embed code box and click Insert into post.   

Paste your Embed code

8.  When you have finished writing click Publish.

Click Publish

9.  When you view your blog you should now see the audio embedded in your post or page.

Below are examples of embedded audio:

Audio Boo