We store the last 100 revisions for each post on your blog.

Revisions allow you to review changes you’ve made and restore to an earlier version if necessary.   This is a handy if you accidentally delete post content or decide you prefer an older post version.

A revision is saved each time you click Save Draft or Update.

How you review post revisions depends on if you are using the classic editor or the block editor.

Block Editor

The following section explains how to review post revisions using the block editor. If you are using the classic editor, refer to how to review post revisions using classic editor section.

You review revisions using the block editor as follows:

1. Click on Post to access the Document Settings in the sidebar of the post editor.

Click on Post

If you don’t see the Document settings, click on the cog next to Publish. 

Click on cog

2. Click on Revisions located below Status & visibility.

You only see the Revisions if there are revisions to view.

Revisions link

3. This takes you to your Revisions screen which shows a comparison with the revision immediately previous to it with an option to Restore This Revision.

The changes in each revisions are highlighted in green (for additions) and in red (for deletions).

Comparing revisions

Clicking Previous, Next or sliding the button on the scroll bar takes you to earlier revisions of the post.

At the top you can see who made the changes and when.

Selecting any two revisions” splits the scrollbar button into two which allows you to compare between two different revisions.

Compare revisions

To restore a revisions you click on Restore this Revision or Restore This Autosave button.

Classic Editor

The following section explains how to post revisions using the classic editor. If you are using the block editor, refer to post revisions using block editor section.

You use the Revision module in the classic editor to view your revisions.

Post Revisions

Display Revision module

The Revision module is hidden by default in the classic editor.

You enable the revision module in the classic editor as follows:

1.  Click on Screen Options in the upper right corner of your dashboard when you have a post open in edit mode.

Click on Screen Options

2.  Check the checkbox next to Revisions.

Select Revisions

3.  Once you’ve done this your Revisions module is displayed under your post editor.

The Revision module isn’t listed in screen options until you’ve made some revisions.

Compare Revisions

You compare revisions in the classic editor as follows:

1.  Click on a revision date in the Revisions module under your editor.

Click on a date

2.  Click on Compare Revisions.

Click on Compare Revisions

3.  This displays the two versions of your post side by side with the differences highlighted.

Example of revision comparision

Restore Revisions

Click on Restore next to the date of a post you want to revert back to and your earlier post version is loaded into your editor.

Click on Restore