You can easily create shortlinks for sharing your posts and pages on social networks using the Shortlinks module in the Jetpack plugin.

The shortlinks use the domain to provide short, simple links so you have more characters to write when sharing links on your social networks.

Shortlinks are prefect for using on Twitter and Facebook where every character counts.  Each post and page has it’s own unique URL.

Set up Shortlinks

Once you’ve activated the Jetpack plugin you set up shortlinks as follows:

1.  Go to Jetpack > Settings

Jetpack Settings page

2.  Click on the Traffic Tab.


3. Scroll down to Shortlinks and toggle on the switch next to “Generate shortened URLs for simpler sharing“. shortlinks

Using Shortlinks

To find the shortlink for a post or page, if you are using the block editor, you click on the green Jetpack icon at the top right to open the Jetpack sidebar.

Jetpacjk icon

The shortlink URL is display under the shortlink section and you click Copy then share it on your social networks as you wish.

Copy the shortlink

If you are using the Classic editor, the Get Shortlink button is located next to the permalink below the post/page title.

Get shortlink