The customizer is designed to make it easier for you to customize your theme and see the results in real time.  It allows you to customize any theme before you activate it. The Customizer Here is how you use the customizer: 1.  Go to Appearance > Themes. 2.  Click on ‘Live Preview‘ on the theme…Continue Reading Customizer

Twitter widget

You can display your latest Tweets in your sidebar by pasting embed code for a Twitter widget in a text widget. Here is an example of what it looks like: Add a Twitter widget 1.  Go to 2.  Select what you want to embed. For a User Timeline, enter the username of the user…Continue Reading Twitter widget

Links Menu (Blogroll)

Links widgets are used to provide links to other websites and resources. The most common type of link widget you’ll hear mentioned is a blogroll.  A blogroll was originally used by bloggers to provide a list of links to their favourite bloggers.  Nowadays the term blogroll refers to any list of links that appear in the…Continue Reading Links Menu (Blogroll)

Custom backgrounds

Majority of our themes allow you to customize the background of your site by uploading an image or selecting a color. Changing your theme background is a way of adding your “own personal touch” to your site. Using own background image 1.  Go to Appearance > Customize in your dashboard. Or click on ‘Customize‘ under the active theme. 2….Continue Reading Custom backgrounds

Upload user and blog avatar

Your avatar is an online representation of you. Types of Avatars There are two types of avatars: 1.  User Avatar The user avatar is also known as your comment avatar. You upload the user avatar via Users > Your Avatar and it displays in places where you leave comments and next to posts you publish on…Continue Reading Upload user and blog avatar

Create custom menu

Most themes support custom menus which makes it easy to change the links displayed at the top of your site. Below is an example of a custom menu with the sub-menu items Curriculum Vitae and Graduate attributes under About me: The number of display locations of a menu is theme dependent. Some theme only provide…Continue Reading Create custom menu