Changing your sidebar widgets

The term widget refers to any tool or content that you add, arrange or remove from the sidebar(s) of your blog — these are the blocks that make up your sidebar. Widget Video Tutorial Adding widgets Adding a widget is as simple as: 1.  Go to Appearance > Widgets 2.  Click on the desired Sidebar…Continue Reading Changing your sidebar widgets

Custom Header Image

Many of the our themes include options to: Upload your own custom header image. Use a default header image. Show or hide the header text with your image header. Change the color of your header text. Custom header image Uploading your own custom header image is one of the best ways of adding your own…Continue Reading Custom Header Image

Choosing your theme

Your theme controls the visual layout and appearance of your site. There are 100’s of themes for you to choose including: Themes that can’t be altered and are “use as is”. Themes that are “extremely customizable”  which allow you to change font types, font color, background color and more. Every newly created site has the same default…Continue Reading Choosing your theme

Change page order

Links to your pages are typically displayed at the top of your site or displayed using a Pages widget or Navigation Menu widget in your sidebar or footer. Pages are usually displayed alphabetically, but you can change the order pages are displayed in: at the top of your site using a custom menu. your pages…Continue Reading Change page order

Change theme

Your theme is controls the look and appearance of your site; this is what people see visiting your site. Every newly created site has the same default theme.   Here’s an example of the look of a newly created blog: Below is an example of customization of the theme Celebrate on a site: You can…Continue Reading Change theme