Add image to post or page

Images grab the attention of your readers and helps them understand the contents of your post. How you add an image depends on if you are using the block editor or the classic editor. Block Editor You can add an image to a post or page using an image block if you are using the…Continue Reading Add image to post or page

Add Links

A link is a word, a group of words or an image that you click on to visit a new page or website. Linking to articles, websites or another person’s post when you write about them is an important part of writing online. Your readers want to be able to easy check out the information without…Continue Reading Add Links

Publish New Post

Sites are composed of two main structures: posts and pages. Your posts are where you’ll publish your main content such your reflections, latest news as what’s been happening in class. assignment information, homework, documents, and more. Learn more about posts and ideas for writing posts here. How you write a post depends on if you…Continue Reading Publish New Post

Change theme

Your theme is controls the look and appearance of your site; this is what people see visiting your site. Every newly created site has the same default theme.   Here’s an example of the look of a newly created blog: Below is an example of customization of the theme Celebrate on a site: You can…Continue Reading Change theme


The first screen you see when you log into your site is the dashboard of your administrative area. Your default Dashboard Your dashboard is made of your main navigation on the left hand side and Reader on the right. Main Navigation Menu Your navigation menu is on the left side of your Dashboard. Hovering your cursor…Continue Reading Dashboard