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Occasionally you might want to change the date of a post.

For example, you’ve just come back from holidays and want to backdate posts for days while you were away or you want to change the order of posts on your blog post page.

You do this using the same process as scheduling a post.

Backdating a new post

You backdate a post as follows:

1.  Click on Edit link next to Publish Immediately in the ‘Publish’ module.

Click on Edit

2.  Enter the date and time you want displayed on the post when it is published.

Enter time and date

3.  Click OK.

4. Click Publish.

5.  Your post will now be published with the date and time you specified.

Backdating a published post

Some educators change the date on a published post.

All you need to do is open up the post in edit mode, click on Edit link next to the date in the Publish module, change it to the new date and click Update.

This generally isn’t a good idea because it changes the Post URL  For example, if you change the date just after a post is published, and you have email subscribers, the link in their email notification will no longer work.