Invite Users

Invite Users allows you to invite users to your site so that you don’t need to create their accounts or add them as users. How To Invite Users 1. Go to Users > Invite Users in your dashboard. 2. Add some text for your invite code. Keep it short. 3. Select the default role of the users…Continue Reading Invite Users

Change user roles

When you set up a site you have the ability to assign and control what other users can do in the site depending what you want each user to be able to do. Change User Roles As an administrator or teacher user, you can change other users’ roles using Users > All Users in your dashboard. Select the user…Continue Reading Change user roles

Add Users

You are able to add users to your site using Users > Add New. Add new user Go to Users > Add New Add the username, email address, select user role and click Add New User. Your new user is automatically added to Users > All Users and receives an email with their login details….Continue Reading Add Users

Retrieve lost password

You can retrieve your lost password as follows: 1.  Click on the Lost Your Password link on your login page. 2.  Enter your username, or email address, and click Get New Password. 3.  Now check your email for a confirmation email — this should arrive within 30 minutes.  Make sure you check your spam folder just in case it…Continue Reading Retrieve lost password

Change password

You can change your password by following the instructions below. Change Password Log into your account and go to Users > Profile (or Profile > Profile ). Scroll to the bottom of the page to the New Password area and click on Set New Password. The password reset window loads with an automatically generated password. You can either use this…Continue Reading Change password

Remove users

When you set up a site you have the ability to add and remove users. Remove User Remove user is used when you want to remove a person as a user from your site. The alternative option is to change their role to subscriber — subscribers can only edit their profile. Go to Users > All Users  Hover…Continue Reading Remove users

Delete Username

If you no longer wish to use your account, simply leave your username account inactive. There are no security risks associated with this policy and your information isn’t visible anywhere. Don’t delete your user account if you want to change your username or use your email address with a new username. Change display name Your…Continue Reading Delete Username

Bulk delete sites or blogs

In one simple step, you’re able to bulk delete multiple sites or blogs. Once a site is deleted no one is able to view the site or access the dashboard and any one visiting the site URL will see the following message: Bulk delete sites You bulk delete sites in Dashboard > My Sites. Select…Continue Reading Bulk delete sites or blogs

Update email address

The email address used for your account is your unique identifier.  It’s used to verify ownership of sites and user accounts, for password resets and for comment moderation/notification emails. It’s important to ensure your email address is current. Change User Email address Each user account requires a unique email address unless your user account is…Continue Reading Update email address