Page Links To Plugin

The Page Links To plugin allows you to redirect a page, post, or custom post type, link to a new URL of your choosing. It’s an easy and quick solution to setup navigational links to off-site resources, or to have a page or post title link to the content on another site. Once you activate…Continue Reading Page Links To Plugin

Accessible Content Plugin

Using an accessibility-ready theme helps ensure your site is accessible but anyone that adds, edits, or publishes content on your site can quickly make the site less accessible. The Accessible Content plugin is designed to check your pages and posts for potential accessibility issues and highlight any content that needs attention. Refer to the Complete…Continue Reading Accessible Content Plugin

H5P Campus Plugin

H5P Campus plugin allows H5P content built on to be uploaded for storage and use on your site. H5P content can’t be directly built on your site; this plugin is intended to allow you to upload your H5P content to your site and works as a H5P player. The content is added to a…Continue Reading H5P Campus Plugin

Jetpack Blocks

Jetpack adds over 20 new blocks to your block editor when the Jetpack plugin is set up on your site. The following is an overview of the currently available Jetpack Blocks: Business Hours The Business Hours block allows you to display the times you are available. Once added use the Open/Closed toggle switch to show…Continue Reading Jetpack Blocks

Subscriptions (Jetpack)

You can allow site visitors to sign up for your latest post and comment notifications using the Subscription module in the Jetpack plugin. Activate Subscriptions Once you’ve activated the Jetpack plugin you activate the subscriptions module as follows: 1.  Go to Jetpack > Settings 2. Click on the Discussion tab. 3.  Scroll down to Subscriptions module and toggle…Continue Reading Subscriptions (Jetpack)

Mega Menu Plugin

The Mega Menu plugin is used to create stunning, highly customizable navigation menus for your site using a user friendly drag and drop menu builder. Once you’ve activated the Mega Menu plugin in Plugins > All Plugins you see a new WP Mega Menu item added to your main navigation. Mega Menu Video Tutorial Watch…Continue Reading Mega Menu Plugin

Custom Post Type UI Plugin

The Custom Post Type UI plugin provides an easy to use interface for registering and managing custom post types and taxonomies for your website. Custom post types are used to handle content that you mightn’t necessarily want to add to Posts or Pages. For example, you could create the custom post type “Artwork” for displaying…Continue Reading Custom Post Type UI Plugin

Accessible Social Share Plugin

The Accessible Social Share plugin adds accessible social sharing buttons to every post and page, so readers can easily share your content on their social networks.   Here’s an example of what it looks like when activated to display at the top of posts: Configure Plugin Once you have activated the accessible social share plugin in…Continue Reading Accessible Social Share Plugin

CoBlocks Plugin

CoBlocks plugin adds over twenty extra blocks to the block editor to creating a more page builder like editing experience. Add A CoBlock Once you’ve activated the CoBlocks plugin in Plugins > All the new blocks are adding to the block editor. To access the blocks within CoBlocks, you click on the + icon of…Continue Reading CoBlocks Plugin

Crowdsignal Polls & Ratings plugin

Crowdsignal Polls & Ratings plugin allows you to: Create and manage polls inside your site dashboard. Display ratings above or below posts, pages and comments.  Ratings enables your readers to vote on content shared on your site. About Crowdsignal polls Crowdsignal polls is an easy way to gather opinions, votes, and see and share results…Continue Reading Crowdsignal Polls & Ratings plugin