Widget Importer & Exporter

The Widget Importer & Exporter plugin makes it easy to copy widgets from a site to a new site. Once the Widget Importer & Exporter plugin has been activated, a new menu item will be added in Tools > Widget Importer & Exporter. Here you will have the option to Import Widgets or to Export…Continue Reading Widget Importer & Exporter

User Reports

User reports allow you to run reports on all your users or a specific user. With user reports you can: Monitor your students progress by downloading lists of all the posts or comments made by every student or a specific student. Generate your student user list as a spreadsheet. Post Report 1. Go to Users >…Continue Reading User Reports

Convert Blog into book or PDF

There are a number of “blog-to-book services” that you can use to convert your blog into a book or PDF.  This is handy for teachers, students, or parents who want to keep a printed portfolio, PDF, or book of the student’s work. View or print the PDF handout with the instructions to convert your blog…Continue Reading Convert Blog into book or PDF

Import & Export Links

You can import links from other blogs or systems into your blogroll via Tools > Import. Import Links You import links as follows: 1.  Go to Tools > Import 2.  Click Run Importer under Blogroll on the Import screen. 3.  Specify your OPML URL or upload your OPML file from your computer. Your OPML URL is…Continue Reading Import & Export Links

Press This Plugin

The Press This plugin allows you to add a bookmarklet to your browser’s toolbar which you can use to quickly share text, images or videos from any website via a post from your blog without having to visit your dashboard. You just click on the Press This bookmarklet in your browser toolbar when you see something…Continue Reading Press This Plugin

Set up email subscription

Readers can subscribe to your posts if you add an email subscription widget to your sidebar.   Here’s what it looks like when it’s added to a sidebar: The default setting is to send a post excerpt email: Subscribe by Email Widget The Subscribe by Email widget allows readers to subscribe to email notification each time…Continue Reading Set up email subscription

Import content from another site

You can import content from other another WordPress site or service using Tools > Import in your site’s dashboard. This imports all pages, posts, comments, files.  You will need to manually set up your theme and widgets. The steps to import content from another site are: Create the export file using Tools > Export inside…Continue Reading Import content from another site

Delete Site or Blog

To delete a site or blog you need to go to Tools > Delete Site inside the site dashboard you want to delete. Log in to your Edublogs account (if you are not already logged in) and go to Tools > Delete Site inside the dashboard of the site you want to delete. Select the check…Continue Reading Delete Site or Blog

Setting up Google Analytics

Google Analytics is used to provide detailed statistics of visits to your blog such as who’s coming to your blog site, how they’re getting there and what interests them. Google Analytics can be enabled in Edublogs Pro, Student blogs (attached to an Edublogs Pro via My Class), and CampusPress blogs. If you are a Super Admin…Continue Reading Setting up Google Analytics