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The Jetpack plugin is a powerful plugin that adds several different features and tools to your blog.

Jetpack requires you to have a user account in order to use all of the features.

Enable Jetpack using existing account

Follow these instructions if you already have an existing user account on

1.  Go to Plugins > All


2.  Click Activate below the Jetpack by plugin.

Activate jetpack plugin

3. Go to Jetpack > Jetpack

Go to Jetpack

4.  Click on “Connect to” button

Click on Connect to

5. Add your username and password then click Authorize Jetapck.

Authorize Jetpack

Enable Jetpack by creating a new account

Follow these instructions if you don’t have a account:

1.  Go to Plugins > All


2.  Click Activate below the Jetpack by plugin.

Activate jetpack plugin

3. Go to Jetpack > Jetpack

Go to Jetpack

4.  Click on “Connect to” button

Click on Connect to


5.  Click on Need an Account?

Click on need an account


6.  Add your email address, username and password then click Sign up.

  • Make sure you use a valid email address because you need to click on Activate account in the registration email.  

Sign up for account

7.  Log into your email account and click Activate Account in the registration email.

Click Activate account

8.  Click on Authorize Jetpack.

Click on Authorize Jetpack

This saves your WordPress login details to your blog and allows you to use the Jetpack features.

What Can Jetpack Do?

Once you have enabled JetPack using a account you can activate any of the following features:

Publicize Makes it easy to share your posts on social networks automatically when you publish a new post Learn More
Post by email Allow you to publish post on your blog by email. Learn More
Carousel Transforms any photo gallery you’ve embedded in a post or page into a full screen photo browsing feature with comments and EXIF metadata. Learn More
Sharing Enables you to add sharing buttons to your posts so that your readers can easily share your content on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. Learn More
Related Posts Displays related posts at the bottom of your posts. Learn More
Spelling and Grammar Can be set to force you to check grammar and spelling before publishing a new post. Learn More
Google+ Profile Easily connect your blog to your Goolge+ account for author verification. Learn More
Tiled Galleries Extend the type of image galleries you insert into posts and pages from the default thumbnail grid image gallery to include tiled mosaic, square mosaic or circular grid image galleries. Learn More Shortlinks Create short, simple links so you have more characters to write when sharing links on your social networks. Learn More
Widget Visibility Control which pages widgets appear on. Learn More
Slideshows Enables you to insert slideshows into posts and pages. Learn More
Extra Sidebar Widgets Easily add galleries, slideshows, Facebook like and RSS links to your sidebar. Learn More
Enhanced Distribution  Enhanced distribution is automatically enabled when you connect Jetpack with your account.  It allows your public posts and comments to be included in WordPress,com firehose.

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